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This is a very risky play on a time like this. Been scalping long positions all morning but the last parabolic squeeze higher from 68 makes me want to try a very small short position at 88.50, and see if it can come back to POC at around 72. I'll get out at 95 if it continues higher though, and I'll move my SL to BE if it goes down to current support level at 82.50. It's usually not a good idea to try and catch tops, especially in this runaway market. But the R:R is in my favor and if there's enough late catch-up long traders towards the end of the day it could spark a pretty decent down move.


half an hour before the close, I can move my stop to BE.

The selling pressure is there, breaking below here could take it down to 72 at my target and I have now a risk-free trade.

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