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  • Scott's daily futures trade room where he presents and trades daily from 8-9:15 am & 2-3 pm CST.

  • Scott also shares setups/charts intermittently throughout the day and helps traders understand market context and how to apply the most important driver of any market, order flow. 

  • Room members receive access to hundreds of Scott's past webinar recordings since the inception of the room as well as access to all of Scott's's 2021, 2022 & 2023 data feeds to replay days to practice your trading.
    Learn to become a lethal trader by tapping into Scott's 20+ years of professional trading experience that has generated him millions in documented profit and how use the incredible software to gain an extreme edge in your trading!








$1399 PER YEAR


Scott's Live Traderoom Testimonials

" I wanted to write a review of the chat room. I have day traded stocks and futures on and off since 2013.  I started out in a prop firm in Florida, deposited $10,000, and paid $2500 for education. The education was very basic. After I completed it, I was lost.  Today, I have learned so much about how to use Bookmap and the SI indicator.  It is extremely powerful. I have paid for many educational programs, but this is by far the best. And it has produced great results for me. I still have to work on identifying my risk when I enter trades (Maybe a few verbal lashings will improve that), but this chat room and education works!"


Twitter: @JosephBXTrader

Discord: @VTYankee1019



"Best place to see a no-nonsense 'professional' trader walk you thru the thought process of his trade 'Set-ups' in real-time.  If you've taken Scott's courses you can put it all together live as Scott walks you thru his trades and why. No gimmicks just straight-up trading the way it can and should be. Highly recommended!"

Twitter: @jmikemiguel


"I highly recommend this room. I do so because this room provides the rare combination of both the technical approach to trading along with the seldom addressed psychological/mental aspect (which is in many ways even more important).


Scott has a very unique perspective as a very experienced Trader and mentor coupled with a sincere desire to help others and clear and concise ability to communicate."

Twitter: @gabman1313


"Trading with Scott has allowed me to understand what trading is. It’s a privilege to be a student of one of the best traders out there. Everything he teaches about market structure and volume is applicable across all futures markets which gives me an edge by allowing me to take the best setups across multiple instruments."

Twitter: @ghigareda


"so finally i got bookmap and the SI indicator (the best tools for trading ), but i was so lost and didnt know how to use this amazing edge !! that's where scott pulcini came to rescue my trading career!! i learned from him  how to use the tools of bookmap along with some other professional charting  including market profiles and balance zones ......

i used to shoot for couple points here and there and get out of trades sooooo soooon to watch my closed trades fly without me....!!

scott seriously put confidence in holding to my winners and let them ride !! if there is no reason to exit the trade then why do so ?  this clicked and i m getting a lot better at holding and riding the winners !!  im getting 10 points in /es now , 7-8 points gold , 6-7points in /zs .....per trade instead of the 1-2 points i used to get !!


i learned areas to avoid the trades not to get chopped  ( i used to go long and i get stopped then immediately go short and get stopped and so on !! lots of frustration..... haha  those days!! )  , now its a different story , there r areas to sit on ur hands and just watch or walk away....


i seriously feel like a have a shot to be among the 5% that make it !! not to make tons millions lol  but just to secure my life and be my own boss and provide for my family , thanx to this humble pro trader scott pulcini !! MY trading hero !! "


Twitter: @amellago


"Scott Pulcini has opened my eyes to a better way to find profitable
trades.  His expertise and years of experience as one of the largest S&P
traders and proven methods will keep you on the right side of the
market. His trade room is the best because he truly wants you to learn
and will critique your trades to shorten your leaning time.  What you
learn from Scott will give you an advantage over 95% of other retail

Twitter: @rkost


"From CBOT pit to Discord pit.  This is as close as it gets to standing with Scott in the trading pit while he guides and teaches.  Just awesome!"


Discord: @Frosty


"Benjamin Franklin - Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

This is exactly what happens in Scott's trading room. Learn from a successful trader 

who traded 1,000's of contracts daily making million over decades."

Discord: @Mouch 


"I've been doing this for 22 years and Scott has helped me.  If he can't help you with his knowledge, you may want to reconsider being a trader."

Discord: @iconbob


"Learning how to read the structure of markets the way Scott teaches combined with studies I follow has greatly improved my trading. I now have greater confidence that I will be able to 'Live My Dream'. Where have you been all my trading life:)!"

Discord: @Lvnthedream


"Scott does an awesome job, explaining what is actually happening in addition to the overall context of the market. If you follow it closely it will feel like you are actually looking over the shoulder of large institutional players… Amazing to learn how the institutions play games, which you definitely cannot see using candle sticks or just market profile..."

Discord: @GK


"Amazing room - has changed the way I view and analyze risk. I am taking smarter and far better risk adjusted returns. I can't wait to keep learning from Scott!"

Discord: @SalS


"Scott's trade room and the course are gamechangers. I am glad to have come across scott and the trade room."

Discord: @S.T.


"I started using Bookmap in December 2020, with the intent of better understanding the interactions and influence of bigger players—which is otherwise hidden on bar charts.  While Bookmap itself was illuminating in and of itself, it is Scott's ability to interpret Bookmap's visualized order book that really allows for it to be an effective tool."

Discord: @JZ



"I remember working the desk at an Introducing Broker back in 2003 at the Chicago Board of Trade. The word on the street was that there was a Monster Trader over at Kings Tree just spanking the ES futures market and pulling out Millions -- Brett Steenbarger's Book " Enhancing Trader Performance" later confirmed this Big Foot story; his name "Scott Pulcini". Now, I'm learning from this legend directly in his Discord Chat room. The experience is nothing short of being able to take tennis lessons from Rafael Nadal."

Discord: @Cheetos


"I have been trading for years. I always had mixed results and was never truly profitable. I came across Scott and he has truly turned my trading around. His 20+ years of trading experience along with his expertise on Bookmap have been incredible. Scott's trading room and the daily live streams he does have been a tremendous boost to my trading. I highly recommend Scott and his trading room. It was a game changer for me. I am now a highly profitable trader and could not do this without Scott's help!!!!"

Discord: @Short_Squeeze_Chris


"When I first joined the group I was scalping because I had no conviction in my positions and struggled to have a clear read of the market. Seeing Scott go to work every day has been a game changer. I can see a real professional making live decisions and explain why he got in and out of positions. This has been making a better trader as I know what levels to play and what to look out for. This is exactly what I need it to become a consitant trader."

Discord: @Strong Hands Don


"In this time of high reversion both ways in the market, not only you need Bookmap, most importantly, you need someone to hand hold you through interpreting the tape reading. Without such experience, you're still guessing much of the time. It's like reading MRI scans with an attending physician next to you. Scott's trade room is where you get what you need for today's trading. Hands down."  

Discord: @TheAndiLiu


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