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Trader Testimonials


"Scott's SI Indicator course has immediately helped my trading behaviors. Previously, I was struggling with the overwhelming data to look at besides my regular charts. My trades were frantically placed and still remain uncertain at times if I was using Bookmap correctly. After going through this course, I was immediately put to rest about my doubt about Bookmap when Scott's strategies helped me to interpret the amount of data in the right way and helped me to place my trades confidently. I cannot thank you enough for making this course available!"

Twitter: @TheAndiLiu




"Finally a trading coach who delivers a mechanistic understanding of market dynamics instead of only patterns with a slight statistical edge.  Scott Pulcini teaches how to trade with wisdom gained from decades of being one of the big players that move markets.  He understands their games and gives small traders a fighting chance." 

John Lichter, Emeritus Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College, Maine



"I first read about Scott in "Enhancing Trader Performance" by Dr. Brett Steenbarger.  Ever since reading that book, I wondered "Who are these traders, and HOW do they trade, what are they looking at, WHAT is happening in their minds?  I purchased Scott's SI Indicator course and it definitely provides insight into those questions.  And not just that, Scott shares several setups which he uses on a daily basis.  He is a proponent of Bookmap software (which I discovered from one of Dr. Brett's columns) and TAS Indicators.  So, I have learned a LOT.  This is not some dude selling the magic wand of markets without experience.  This is someone that, for many years, was essentially a "one-man institution".  If you have any interest in learning about markets, trading, the psychology of trading, THIS will be well worth the time."


Twitter: @anthonyb786  


"Scott’s SI Indicator course has been extremely helpful to me. The course gives you five very clear & precise trade setups that have helped me become a very profitable trader."


"The one on one mentoring sessions with Scott are priceless. I have been trading for years now, and was not getting anywhere. With the one on one help from Scott, my trading career has really taken off. Scott puts all of his efforts into helping you become a very successful trader."  


 C. Harclerode 


"I just wanted to say how much I rated the SI course you put together, it’s proved invaluable over the last week or two."

Twitter: @_idjjones


 "I recently subscribed to Bookmap's MBO S-I Tracker but had not been able to use it effectively until Scott came out with his course in which Scott not only explains the context of the stops and icebergs triggering at certain levels interacting with the resting liquidity in the order book, but also goes through numerous examples of the different trading set ups that can be leveraged from this tool. The thresholds for various instruments provided by Scott and his pointers throughout the videos equips the retail trader with incredible knowledge to take high probability set ups only using the S-I tracker. For someone looking to understand how to put the S-I tracker to use in practice, Scott's course is very helpful."

Twitter: @sjaffers


"I bought Scott's course yesterday and I love, love, love it!  If you are on the fence about buying this, don't be.  I've been watching the MBO SI's for several weeks now, but not really sure what to do with all of it.  Honestly, I was thinking about giving up on Bookmap because I thought my regular charts looked so good.  But I have to say, this course changed everything for me - it's a game-changer.  There are five setups to learn and they all make sense to me -- perfect sense.  Also, along with the setups, Scott gives you proper threshold levels re volume that keep you out of "meh" trades and show you where potential winners have a higher probability.  I took a CL trade this morning based on one of the setups and it was a big winner for me.  I rate this with 5 stars, but it would be 10 stars if I could."

Twitter: @pantares


Hi Scott. I just wanted to share some results I’m really excited about and say thank you. I bought your SI indicator course last month and my results have been so encouraging. I’ve been learning to trade futures since early 2019 and have struggled to be consistent. I think I have probably blown out 20 Topstep combine accounts and never been able to get any of them above $1k. These results make me even happier because it’s with my own capital in a live account. Your course and the SI indicator have really been a game changer. The thresholds filter out so many marginal trades and watching and learning your execution and trade management on the weekly webinars has helped tremendously. Thank you again and look forward to learn more on your weekly Bookmap webinars. Regards

Twitter: @TraderSummit

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