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Lots of welcomed volatility in the past few days. Many times when we have news of such entity like war threats, traders tend to think that the market "should" move in a certain way, and they rush to buy or sell believing that it's just gonna go as they thought. Maybe they heard some analyst opinion on tv, or simply because the market is "overbought", so this is the news catalyst that will drive a retracement or so.

I used to do that as well, many times. And I got ran over so many times.

I used to listen to expert traders real time commentary, read the news, read fundamental analysis of what central banks are doing, always be informed and try to make sense of what what happening in order to have a higher edge in my trading.

But guess what, I trade so, so much better when I just don't do any of that any more.

Just read the market what is doing right now. In this moment. Are they buying? Are they selling? Is there a trend in place? Is there a moment where I can catch a move with a limited risk? That's all you need as a trader.

This morning I only took 3 trades, one small loss and 2 winners so far, up about 15 points. I might look for more later, but I'm happy for the first 15 minutes of trading.

Keep a low profile, low expectations, NO BIAS, and manage risk.

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