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It's Friday and we are just a little bit off of all time high. As per usual now, I'm still seeing lots of buying in this market, so I definetely would not be surprised to see a weekly close right above there. I have seen some accumulation on NQ above 9000 and looks like there are no sellers any more at this point.. Things can change any minute of course, but so far it's looking just like the same movie of the past days, weeks, months.

It was a busy first half an hour for me but but with 32 points on the book I can call it good. I might look later to find a nice buy opportunity, If it stays above 9000 and looking for the 50 again.

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Scott Pulcini
Scott Pulcini
10 jan. 2020

Hello Homaira, you’re right, that wasn’t clear. When I say looking for “the 50” means the level 50, so in this case it would be 9050 on NQ, while 32 are the points I managed to get this morning. As an update to the post, it looks like the sellers came in sooner that that, now pushing the price back down below 9K so the scenario changed quite a bit. Quite some demand at 8990, possibility preventing further drops.


Awesome but unclear aboutthe numbers you mentioned 32 and 50 are they ticks?

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