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Someone asked me If I could post possible trades to take in advance.

As much as I would love to do that, it gets a little difficult because my style of trading is extremely short term and I base my decisions on what I see in that exact moment, the interaction between buyers and seller, that can completely change in an instant, so as much as this is probably the hardest thing to do, I try to keep my mind clear of any bias and just pay close attention at what's happening in front of me.

Who is in control in this moment? Are there more buyers or sellers? Is there a moment when a change of hand happens, and one side has to take a break and gets taken over by the other side?

This morning I would have wanted a greater initial dip to go test the roundy (9200), but the bulls took over way faster (as usual). Always best not to have expectations on what the market can do, just look closely at how it's evolving in that moment and forget the rest.

If I want to keep my risk as small as possible, I need also to be as quick as possible to get involved in a trade when I see this change of hand coming.

If sellers are hitting the bid, at some point they will be exhausted and buyers will step in again, but I have no way to know when it'll happen, I just have to keep watching the screen and waiting for my setup to happen.

Took a long on NQ at 31.50 after the pullback into POC and VWAP. Initial risk 8 ticks. Took a profit at 34, trailed my stop up at safe distance, then took the second profit at 39.75.

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