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Yesterday I have been completely unable to get to my desk and trade, and obviously a really good down day unfolded, which I completely missed. But the one thing I love about trading, or maybe I should be more specific and say scalping with order flow, is that I don't have to worry about missed opportunities. I don't have to worry about setting expectations (which most of the times the market won't meet) for a certain move up or down prior to the day. I don't have to make extensive technical analysis trying to find out the next move, I don't have to trade based on news or data or anything.

All I have to do is trade what's unfolding in front of me, finding short term opportunities just looking at how much buying and how much selling is happening in a particular moment. Find a moment to enter a trade when the likelihood of more buying or selling is gonna happen, with the smallest risk possible. Get in, get out, look the overall structure, find another opportunity. And be happy to take a loss, as long as the trade management was in line with the plan and the risk was minimal.

This morning I did take a couple small losses after the open, anticipating a move higher to squeeze the shorts. Then my long at 94 payed out well and got back in again long higher at 15 to 31 and at 37 to 41, allowing me to get 27 total points out of the first 20 minutes of the day.

Scalping the NQ with orderflow is really all about timing if you want to keep a minimal risk, and even though I'm pretty happy with my results so far, I still want to improve for next year and wait a tiny bit longer for the good setups to come up, because sometimes I sill anticipate the next move.

Don't be shy and contact me, looking forward to share my methodologies with all of you in 2020!

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