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As the Santa rally keeps stretching up, this morning I don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling for a long position. All this layering on the area between 40 and 50 on NQ, a wide week-end gap, bonds reversing higher makes me want to take the risk with a small short at 38.25 but keeping a wider stop loss. Shorts usually don't work very well in this market, this morning there are some factors that can play in my favor. I know a spike could easily be happening at the open, but i managed my size accordigly. I will get out if it goes beyond 50, and I'm looking for this to come back to around 26/25 at least.

....The target was reached right after the bell, allowing me to take the rest of the day working on my NQ class! Well I might be tempted to look for some other opportunities from time to time, but I love to be one and done early on like today.

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Tom Swider
Tom Swider
Dec 24, 2019

Looking forward to seeing this NQ class!

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