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I took a couple points loss on a trade in the first 5 minutes but then I've been able to let one short runner go from 27 all the way down to 05 that made my day. I could have taken another short after that, on the hindsight, but I might look for more later.

This period reminds me so much last year in January, when we had a big rally pretty much every day for most of the month. It was painful to trade intraday, such a slow grind higher. The market trains us to think in a certain way, so that when most people is on the same page, it'll do the opposite.

Here is a picture where i highlighted the rally in early 2018 and the current one.

Not saying we are close to a similar drop as the one that happened back then, but just reminding that a drop will happen just when nobody expects it, when everyone is complacent, when everyone is not looking. But watching what's happening in the order flow on a day to day basis without any bias can help.

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