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We got ES pushing very strong (again?) today, at 26.75 as I'm writing this. I am sitting long NQ from 8698, took 1 off at 8701 and I'm letting one contract go. I would't be surprised AT ALL to see a rally into the close and after hours to finish the week at all time high. So I'll just keep a stop at BE and I'm willing to bet this thing to to reach 8730 be the end of the session. Obviously I don't have a crystal ball, but I had a very good week, I'm up for the day and I'm more than happy to be closed out at breakeven if it couldn't make it to get up there.

The biggest doubt that I have is about bonds:

I don't like to see them creeping higher like this to be honest. This might be the reason to be stopped out sooner than expected.

Anyway, whether I'll be stopped out or not, I still think that if nothing changes (tweets?) an all time high right at the close is my best bet.

I'll be working on my NQ class, hoping to deliver it soon.

Have a great weekend!

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