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Note:  This course was made pre-Covid 2020 by Scott's former partner Nic who was an expert in trading the NQ.  This course covers the strategies he used and is more of a scaplers type of strategy.  Scott does not trade his strategies and has his own strategies that are driven by the Bookmap SI Indicator.


The most effective, profitable and complete NQ order flow strategy is here!


This is an in-depth course, developed by Scott's former partner Nic, to specifically trade Nasdaq futures and take advantage of its unique behavior. NQ tends to move around specific levels that are fully covered here and demonstrated in multiple trading sessions!

The course will include:

- 3 hours of deep dive into all order flow patterns and how to exactly trade them: exhaustions, absorptions, spoofs, book flips and more

- the specific levels, unique for NQ, that provide an additional edge, how to use them, with specific entries and exits

- high probability short term entries, with favorable risk/reward: look for only 6-8 ticks of stop and at least 16 ticks of profit

- how to read and trade using volume profile and VWAP

- the "cookie dip", explained in the second part of the course, a highly effective pattern that can usually stop out most traders, but not you!

- how to enter trades on trend days or range days

- how to effectively manage your position once entered


An eye-opening view of Nasdaq behavior using the most powerful orderflow reading software on the planet,, that can't be found anywhere else.  A highly profitable strategy, that combines simplicity, efficiency, and depth.


You won't need to trade any other market, and you won't be afraid of the big bad NQ anymore!


Purchase includes a FREE 60 minute mentoring session with Scott! ($349 value)


NQ full order flow course (2020)

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